Monday, 10 October 2016

RtDB event at Fullersta Gård


Norrköping Air is proud to announce a Riding the Donkey Backwards (RtDB) event at Fullersta Gård in Stockholm November 12 at 4pm. Free entrance.

In a world where the difference between the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the ugly, the old and the young is getting increasingly bigger; some things remain constant. The ground beneath our feet, the sky above our heads, our mortality and our ability to laugh at it all.

The members of Riding the Donkey Backwards know less about the sky and the ground and than your average weather man and your favourite pin-up geologist, still they share a passion for our collective ability to laugh at our own suffering and they work hard at getting an unofficial PhD in this oldest, most enjoyable and least academically appreciated science – that of laughing together.

At Fullersta Gård the group will present some of the outcomes of the their laughable science. To prove their ignorance about the true nature of state of affairs, they will also offer a workshop for free that intelligent people pay good money to attend. Not only that, but these half-wits assure you that your needs will be met (whatever these might be?). So prove that there is a cheap-skate in your soul and come join us for some laughter that you will choke on.

Come and meet the traumatized and potentially funny from Sweden, Egypt, Afghanistan, Syria who hold passports from such unlikely places as Belgium. Hear about some of the intelligent people that they have met along their travels. Experience how, in spite of these peoples’ intellectual capabilities, our friends were still able to pass border after border.

The presentations are held in broken English and pigeon English. (We can there not guarantee that language teachers’ needs are met.)

Participants: Morteza Azizi, Dee Doaa Helmi, Dolphins Inc. Fabien Guillermont and many more.

The project is supported by the City of Stockholm.

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