Sunday, 9 October 2016

More Habits in Stockholm


Most of us will agree that some habits are productive while others can be detrimental to our well-being in a longer perspective. So what are habits?  Why do  different disciplines have such different outlooks on what habits are? During the meeting, the group continues reflect on human habits and how they are seen in art, law and neuroscience.

- Are habits useful for artists? Or is it habit breaking that constitutes creativity?
- The law stipulates that we are equal in its eyes – but is it really true that a person’s character, habits and social statue does not influence the outcome of a trial? Can we make a distinction between character and habits?
- Neuroscience means that the brain’s established neural pathways create habit. At the same time psychology suggests that certain substances in the brain controls addiction and other negative behaviours. But in the end no one knows for certainty how our habits are created and maintained.

How can dialogues between neuroscience, psychiatry, art and law together create a better understanding of human habits? Norrköping Air and Curatorial Mutiny bring together practitioners from Sweden, France and Poland together to discuss these issues in Stockholm October 21-23.

The goal of the meeting is to develop the work with publication and to develop a concept for a performative walk for Huddinge in spring 2017.

Participants: Mounira al Solh, Susanne Ewerlöf, Fabien Guillermont, Per Huttner, Predrag Petrovic, Alicja Rogolska and with advice from Johan Carlsson.

The project is created in dialogue with Fullersta Gård and supported by Kulturbryggan.

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