Sunday, 21 February 2016

Norrköping Air 2013-2015
Mixed photos from events, art projects, processes and more

Thursday, 11 February 2016

HIAP Residency Programme - Helsinki

HIAP Residency Programme focuses on contemporary art but is open for art professionals from other disciplines as well. HIAP Residency includes accommodation and studio space at HIAP Studios free of charge for the duration of 1–3 months. The studios, which combine living and working space, are located in Cable Factory and on the island of Suomenlinna, both in Helsinki, Finland.
HIAP encourages artists-in-residence to carry out collaborations with local artists and arts organisations and to realise projects accessible to a wide range of audiences. While working on their projects during the residency, the artists have access to HIAP administrative support and to contacts with local arts professionals and organisations. The artists have a chance to give a presentation about their work process in form of an open studio event
HIAP Residency includes accommodation and services, but neither a working grant nor travels. In case the applicant needs to cover travels, living cost, materials, etc., he/she should apply support from appropriate sources. HIAP is able to offer only limited administrative support for such purposes.
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The main objectives of the HIAP residency programme are:
- to initiate and support new approaches in producing, understanding, studying and valuing art

- to encourage artistic exploration and cross-disciplinary creativity
- to provide international arts professionals with opportunities to undertake creative work, conduct research and build networks

- to present the creative work of international artists to audiences in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and

- to foster international collaboration, exchange and dialogue in the arts.

More info and deadlines here.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

CEAC Artist in Residence, Xiamen, Fujian, China

The Xiamen artists-in-residence program gives artists a spot where they can develop ideas, experiment and produce new work. The CEAC advises artists on how to produce their work outside their studio and shares with them a large network of local artists, companies and work sites to enable them to implement their projects in the best possible way.

The CEAC stimulates a cultural and intellectual exchange between residents, local artists and students at the Art & Design Department of Xiamen University.  Residents can be invited to give lectures or presentations about their work and guest seminars and workshops for students.

At the conclusion of their residence, artists are invited to present their research project and new work at the Art Center. The CEAC can also help mediate presentation spots in other cities in China and, for those who like to travel, CEAC offers travel advice and assistance (reserving tickets, hotels, getting visas).

Based in the Netherlands, the European branch of the CEAC regularly presents the research results of CEAC residents at various locations to an interested audience.  In addition, the European branch of the CEAC strives to promote an exchange of knowledge and collaboration with fellow specialists and artists in other disciplines by organizing lectures, debates, films and video showings.
Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Duration: variable

Paid by host:  Studio space, living and working accommodation, advice and assistance.

Extra costs of individual technical assistance and making an exhibition at the conclusion of the residence depend on individual wishes, but are normally inexpensive.

Accommodation information: the apartments/studios (for two persons or a family) are furnished and fully equipped for living and working, including air co, washing machine, telephone, internet, TV and DVD player.
For more information about registration and financing options:

Saturday, 5 December 2015

E-Artnow list of deadlines

Norrköping Air publishes E-Artnow's list of deadlines for residencies globally. Enjoy!


Res Artis: worlwide network of artist residencies. Worldwide listings.
Deadline: asap.

DutchCulture | TransArtists: Your artist in residence guide. Worldwide listings.
Deadline: asap.

ArtSlant: Grants and residencies. USA, NYC.
Deadline: asap.

NYFA - New York Foundation for the Arts - Residencies Worldwide. NYC, USA.
Deadline: asap.

Friday, 20 November 2015

OPEN CALL for the PLATFORM in Vaasa

Open Call deadline 6.12.2015.

For the next round of international and Nordic residencies taking place between June 2016 – March 2017 Platform invite artists from different fields of art that touch the subjects of migration and performativity in their artistic work to apply for a 1 – 2 month residency.

We offer a studio space, accommodation, travel expenses (one return trip, cheapest possible) and a working grant (approx. 250 € per week). We also offer a small production budget of 1000 €, which the artist may reimburse by presenting original receipts of purchases, specifically connected to the project produced during the residency. The studio is located in an old military barrack in central Vaasa where some local artists have their studios as well. There is a bike, a set of tools and equipment available for the artist. There is wireless broadband access both in the studio and in the apartment. Platform does not operate an exhibition space, although it’s possible to use our studio as such or arrange other public activities.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Meet this year's residents at Verkstad

Welcome to meet this year's residents, 5-8 pm, Friday July 25 at Verkstad in Norrköping You will be introduced to the resident artists Unni Gjertsen (Norway) and Sindri Leifsson (Iceland) They will share their ongoing work and give brief introductions to their current practice.

One aim with the Norrköping Air's program is to build links between the local art scene of Norrköping and a broader international artistic context.

UNNI GJERTSEN is interested in how positioning in space relates to power and knowledge.. In the work “Moves for Norrköping (2013)” she invited local youths to interpret and present her work as experts and guides on four different sites in the city. Each place, for instance the Town Hall and the Art Museum, expresses authority and is a site for negotiation of power. In her on going work she has met with the young residents of Norrköping again to discuss their experiences and thee issues further.

Moves for Norrköping was produced with support from Norrköping Art Museum as part of their 100-year celebration and the exhibition Acting in the City.

SINDRI LEIFSSON’S work deals with the concept of labour and takes the form of constant activities. His work in Norrköping consists of endless art making in the shape of performances in public space, interventions in the industrial landscape of Norrköping and transformations of objects. His work and research is presented online.

The international residency program Norrköping AIR runs for the third time during the summer 2015 and we are delighted to host our current residents who are both staying in Norrköping until the end of September.

/The team of Norrköping Air

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

This year's artists arrive

This week Norrköping Air is proud to welcome this year's residents Unni Gjertsen and Sindri Leifsson to Norrköping. We are happy to host them until September and there will be a stream of interesting events happening throughout the summer. Keep an eye on this page and on our Facebook page.