Wednesday, 13 November 2019

MKP in Brazil


Norrköping Air is proud to present a series of workshops and performances at SPET in Sao Paulo in Brazil organised by the pedagogical network MKP that we run with LiU and Vision Forum. The work is focuses on investigating the boundaries between sane behaviour and actions that break the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. We investigate the boundaries of desire and what can be learned by bringing together experiences and knowledge from contemporary art, dance, theatre and music.

After Sao Paulo the group will go to MT school of Theatre in Cuiabá. The events take place November 25-27. The work is focuses on investigating the relationship between contemporary performance practices and everyday actions. MKP draws

inspiration from the history of performance and key figures like John Cage and Yoko Ono and merge them with ideas from choreographer Susan Rethorst as well as MKP’s previous work with investigations of sites. We investigate the boundaries of desire and what can be learned by bringing together experiences and knowledge from contemporary art, dance, theatre and music. The events are supported by the Swedish Arts Council and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Norrköping Air Flies to Copenhagen

Norrköping Air is proud to announce that Start in the Middle will be presented by Dansehallerne at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen October 28 at 19h. The performance is participatory and shapes the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole. The performers use texts, sounds, lights and contemplative exercises for the audience to participate in a collective journey where they spend most of the performance lying on the floor with their eyes closed.

Kunstahal Charlottenborg
October 28, 17h.

All practical details here.

In conjunction with the event the New Eyes- collective will be in residency in Denmark in order to prepare for the upcoming performances in Brazil, Haiti and Mexico.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Aqua Viva in Portugal

A performance inspired by the work of Clarice Lispector
Saturday | Setember 21| 21h30
Igreja do Espírito Santo | Largo João de Deus |Caldas da Rainha
>free outrance<

In her 1973 novel, Água Viva, the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector presents us with metaphysical reflections of the most spellbinding nature. It embodies the power of artists to speak to us from beyond the grave through their surviving works. By interacting with their creations we can become surprisingly intimate with artists whose physical bodies are long dead.

We can reflect on how some aspects of life are timeless: such as our fascination with and fear of death. We become conscious that our lives are played out in the paradoxical tension between continuity and discontinuity. The performance is a reflection about this strange form of communication, drawing upon many of the temporal, musical, and metaphysical themes found in Água Viva.

The Swedish dancer and choreographer Carima Neusser moves to a soundscape created by the Portuguese musician Garcia Da Selva. It has been composed from audio taken from a rare 1977 interview with Lispector on Brazilian television. Her words, distorted and amplified, shed light onto her creative process – providing an arrhythmic dynamic for a choreography performed in her honour.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tilt Platform in Greece

NA members Per Huttner and Konstantin Economou present new in this year’s Tilt Platform. The project is a media art initiative organised by artists from Athens and is open to the public in July and August. The exhibition takes place in Loutraki. The theme of the 2019 edition  is IASIS (healing). Tilt Platform continues to focus on nature, indeterminacy and the dynamics of boundaries. The project wants to unfold a problematic, that deals with the relation to our body and our psyche and the relationship of these two with society, science and art, through art and contemplation.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Workshops on Microbes and Identity

NA in collaboration with Vision Forum are proud to announce more workshops on how the microbes in our gut shape human identity. They will take place in Stockholm May 3-5. During three days artists and theorists from theatre, dance and visual art will work together with researchers who have special knowledge and interests in the field and will include traditional talks, speed-boat excursions and collective readings-writings. Collaborations include Chalmers in Gothenburg, Karolinska institutet, and Prima Barn. More detailed information about the project here.

Oskar Gudmundsson (Writer), Adriaan Samson (Writer) Freddie Ross (Art historian) Emil Krogh (Visual artist) Simone Bang Jørgensen (Visual artist) Carola Uehlken (Artist/Curator) Elias Arnér (Professor in Biochemistry) Giada Lo Re (xyz.PhD) Carima Neusser (Choreographer), MaiBritt Giacobini (Child psychiatrist MD, PhD) and Per Hüttner (Visual artist).

The project is supported by the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council. (The picture shows the project's guru and inspiration Stig Bengmark).

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

More Cruelty in Norrköping

Norrköping AIR is proud to present a series of events in Norrköping on April 11. The events circle around the publication “Grymhetens konst” (Cruelty’s Art) written by Freddie Ross with design by Erik Månsson. The book is a theoretical investigation into the relationship between ethics and art. It looks at a series of well-known works from art history and some that have stirred discussion in the Nordic countries as well as how philosophical theories about ethics apply to them.

During the day Ross will organise a workshop around the book with students at KSM at Linköpings universitet. At night we will organise a release event (5 -7pm) and a discussion about the book between Ross and artist/curator/media studies researcher Konstantin Economou. The second event is public, entry is free and will take place at Verkstad konsthall and there will also be drinks and snacks served.

Verkstad Konsthall
Tunnbindaregatan 37

Monday, 4 February 2019

Baroque Stockholm


The Baroque Architecture and Submission team join forces again to perform at Dansens Hus, Small Stage March 1 at 3pm ( Free Entrance)
Baroque Architecture and Submission is a performance that investigates spaces: imaginary and real, in the body and in architecture. In it two dancers move slowly. They move from tableau to tableau and we do not know if they are afflicted by inhumane apathy, dumbstruck by a pleasure avalanche or blissfully following a heavenly light in their souls.
In the performance members of the audience are invited to be an active part of the processual images that make up the performance. The audience creates, shape and experience the rooms and the tableaux. They become part of the work by acting as extras, sculptures, props and viewers – so that the boundaries between performers, audience and architecture become blurred.


Baroque Architecture and Submission is created by Carima Neusser in collaboration with dancers: Laura Oriol and Adriano Wilfert Jensen. Host(ess): Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro; Architect Isabella Pasqualini; Space attribute: Sofia Romberg; Music: Siri Jennefelt,  Dungeon Acid (and PURCELL, Aphex Twin); Stylist: Lisa Pyk; Hair and make- up: Amina Neusser and Light design: Anton Andersson.

The project is funded by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grant Committee and Stockholm City Council