Saturday, 6 July 2013

Vision Forum Launches Swedish Residency Program

Vision Forum is proud to announce the launch of its residency program in Sweden - Norrköping Air. It is a two year experimental project in collaboration Verkstad and Linköpings universitet. The program will run summer 2013 and summer 2014 and is supported by with IASPIS, Norrköpings kommun and Östsam. This year's artists in residence are: Anna Hess, Natasha Rosling and Johanna Adebäck.

About Norrköping Air
Vision Forum's presence and close relationship with local partners in the Region of Östergötland, KSM at Linköpings universitet’s clearly defined international work means that the situation in Norrköping looks different to the other Swedish cities where IASPIS have residencies or work with local partners. The Visualization Center, Norrköping Art Museum's 100th anniversary, 2013 also offers unique opportunities to work publicly with the artists in residence.

How do we exploit this specificity?

For two years, Norrköping Air will develop a different method for working with the artists in residence:

* We propose to let the three artists in residence to be in place simultaneously and in a shorter time - initially 3 months. This is to allow the artists to work and grow together, something that is close to both the Vision Forum and KSM’s working methods
* One of the artists in residence will be of Swedish origin (not Östergötland). Two of the artists in residence will in 2013 be selected from Vision Forum's international network. In 2014, we will open a more transparent application process.

This working method will provide more rewarding meetings between Swedish and international artists. All three will also, in different ways, take part of Vision Forum's extensive international network. This is done both through Vision Forum's two annual public meetings where a dozen international artists, curators and researchers come to Östergötland to work with members of the local art scene. They will also have access to the network through other projects that Vision Forum and KSM organize. In keeping with Vision Forum and KSM’s working methods, we will focus on four fields: platforms for meetings between art and film; new platforms and methods for performance practices; temporary interventions in the urban landscape and platforms for meetings between art and science.

Norrköping Air also aims to create opportunities for the artists in residence to participate actively in the various artistic and performative projects underway in Östergötland. We will therefore also work with Arbetets Museum, The Museum of Forgetting; Rejmyre Artlab, Visualization Center C, The Interactive Institute, The City Museum, and the Norrköping Art Museum.

For more information contact the program's Acting Director, Aldis Ellertsdottir (aldis.ellertsdottir (at)

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