Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Norrköping AIR meets Norrköping and the region.

We have had the privilege to meet up with a quantity of people here in Norrköping. We met up with the deputy mayor, the head of Norrköpings art museum and their staff, The museum of forgetting, KIFIN a local art organisation, V.O.D.K.A.N a cultural organisation, Rejmyre Art Lab, Gnesta Art lab, Verkstads curator, the head of KSM at Liu in Norrköping and of course individual artist based here in Norrköping and other visiting artists.

There has been vivid art discussion among the residents and local artists in the region, the residents invited some local artist and had a show and tell together where they had the opportunity to go deeper into each other art practices.


  1. Thank you all for a great day! It was inspiring to hear you present your projects: I've been missing this kind of forum quite a lot.

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