Monday, 18 August 2014

An Evening of Art with Norrköping AIR in collaboration with Norrköping Art Museum 27th of August, 5-8 pm at Kristinaplatsen, Norrköping.

Please join us for an evening of screenings and talks at Norrköping Art Museum. This year's residents at Norrköping AIR, Vanja Sandell Billström and Vijay Patcineelam show existing works and present ongoing projects.

Vanja Sandell Billström
Is a filmmaker, artist and recent graduate from the Royal institute of art in Stockholm, she works with video and installations. She has a background as a filmmaker and her short film The Photographer, was nominated for both Guldbaggen and Startsladden (2012).


What There Is (Det Som Finns, 2014)
HD video, Color, Sound
21 min
"The movement activated the eye and I captured the temporary view. A landscape passing by reminded of passages in a film. Someone danced. Someone fell. A sun set. Tried to get the horizon straight. The gesture with the phone. The hands in front of the body. A stored experience and a daily activity. Afterwards I look at what the camera and I have seen."

Vijai Patchineelam
Completed a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and has an MFAin Experience Design from Konstfack in Stockholm. Patchineelam mostly works with video and installations.

Sudden Shifts (2012)
HD video, continuous color, silent
22 min 16 sec
Sudden Shifts (2012) is a silent moving image work that puts into motion a succession of mostly static but durational still life images of industrial objects. Filmed in Jardim Canadá in the state of Minas Gerais (BR), the project distanciates the material conditions on the ground of a once small rural town which has been radically industrialized in the last decade by the mining industry. Sudden Shifts employs a static camera position, montage, abrupt cuts and staged transitions to continually reorganize the objects into temporary speculative arrangements with each other. In this way it presses at the boundary between narrative and non-narrative relations to image and site.

Part 2, 2014
HD video, bw and color, mono
Chooses to show the site where the objects of Sudden Shifts were found, the streets and informal landfills of the neighborhood Jardim Canadá.

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