Thursday, 10 July 2014

Evening of art at Verkstad: Rum för konst


Norrköping AIR and Verkstad would like to welcome you to an evening of art:

Norrköping AIR and Verkstad are arranging an evening of art on Saturday the 19:th of July. The audience will meet our artists in recidence: Quynh Vantu (US), Vijai Patchineelam (BR) och Vanja Sandell Billström (SE).

During the evening Quynh Vantu will do an artist talk. Mattias Åkeson, artist from Söderköping will present his videowork The kindergarten and Vanja Sandell Billström will do a brief presentation of her work-in-progress. 

18:00 Introduction of Norrköping AIR 
18:15 Presentation and screening of The kindergarten with Mattias Åkeson. 
19:00 Presentation, Quynh Vantu 
19:30-22:00  DJ Yasmine

In August Norrköping AIR will present a similar event at Norrköping Museum of Art. 
Residents Vijai Patchineelam and Vanja Sandell Billström will make a further introduction of their work. 

This event is realised in assiciation with Nemcom.

Norrköping AIR is a collaboration with the Municipality of Norrköping, Regionförbundet Östsam and Iaspis. Upcoming productions are made with support from Kulturrådet.

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