Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Appreciated event at Verkstad - new event coming up!

 Quynh Vantu is holding a lecture at Verkstad.

Ideas - models. Photo credits: Quynh Vantu

Work under construction. Photo credits: Quynh Vantu
 Exhibition view. Photo credits: Quynh Vantu
New experiments. Photo credits: Quynh Vantu

We are happy that the event on Saturday at Verkstad: Rum för konst was so appriciated. However, since it´s vacation time lots of people couldn´t participate. For you who missed the event, here´s a save-the-date:

Next time will be at the Norrköping Museum of Art the 27:th of August, more details TBA.

Be sure to mail us at: norrkopingair@gmail.com to get your personal invitation.

Mattias Åkeson is talking about his work The Kindergarten.

The beautiful new space of Verkstad with Mattias Åkesons work in the middle.

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