Monday, 23 December 2013

ID Town, residency in Shenzhen, China

Organism is defined as a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently. This includes animal, plant, single-cell life form and the most complex form, a human being. Human beings are classified as organisms but we are also constantly evolving and adapting to changing landscapes. In our quest for personal gratifications, we are willing to forsake freedom. By fulfilling our personal needs, we may have inevitbly disrupted the equilibrium that supports various forms of organisms.

Human Beings understand cause and effect. And maybe we are aware of our actions. But somehow in our pursuit of the so-called happiness, we lost track of what we are seeking. ‘Organism’ as a creative concept aims to encourage our viewers to question individual and collective assumptions, beliefs and practices. The economicmarvel of Pearl River Delta is an example of the costs of rapid development and urbanization. The social-economic and environmental impact on health, culture, natural resources and altering ecosystems are apparent. Have we become victims of our own creations? Should we explore, provoke and better understand how we can take action and bring about a positive change in our lives? Contemporary art plays an integral part in understanding the patterns and behavior of organisms - how individual and collective living things function and interact. Through observation, exploration and interaction can we then begin to recognize, tackle and possibly influence. The Shenzhen iD International Artists Workshop has invited 6 international contemporary artists to participate in the inaugural artist-in-residency program: Li Xiaofei (Shanghai), Jiang Hongqing (Shanghai), Luo Runting (Hong Kong), Girolamo Marri (Italy), Savinder Bual (British) and Christina Shimgel (America). Utilizing the former Shenzhen Honghua Dying and Printing Factory as the artistic playground, each artist will explore and lend their creative eye in bringing to life the concept of ‘Organism’. Contemporary art can be an impetus for understanding and influencing today’s cultural and social landscape. It offers a creative framework to reveal the complexities and interdependence between men and the environment. At the end of the residency, an exhibition of the artists’ work is presented to encourage dialogue and promote new ways of thinking about art and its social values.

About iD TOWN and International Artists Workshop:
iD TOWN International Arts District is an industrial architectural heritage space that formally housed the Shenzhen Honghua Printing and Dyeing Factory that was built in 1989. Located in the east of Shenzhen and approximately 50 kilometers from the city center, Dapeng New District is surrounded by mountainous terrain and a kilometer walking distance from Guanhu Village beach. iD Town International Artists Workshop will invite international emerging artists and designers on a regular basis to be part of this program. Specific program dates to be announced shortly. Relevant funding, materials, working and exhibition spaces will be provided in support of this initiative. We are committed to supporting artists and advancing the work of contemporary art and designs. By bringing together an international community of artists, we hope to generate cross-cultural exchanges of great importance. More info here.

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