Thursday, 15 August 2013

Norrköping AIR hosted by Norrköpings Art Museum

Anna Hess and Yvonne Olofsson
Norrköping Air´s second event was kindly hosted by Norrköping Art Museum and like the last event it was a real success. We had karaoke and performances performed both by the residents, Natasha Rosling, Anna Hess, Johanna Adebäck and two local artists Annika Kupiainen and Anna Mård. The evening started with karaoke and continued through the night with performance´s.

Natasha Rosling, The cabbage becomes the globe

Anna Hess, Transmission
Annika Kupiainen, Presents herself

Anna Mård, Engaging the audience part II

Johanna Adebäck, Performance nr.2


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