Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Johanna Adebäck

Johanna Adebäck is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg. Her work is informed by, and made in relation to, established systems and patterns of our everyday life, their constraints and possibilities. Focusing foremost on social and physical structures, such as language and architecture, her works detect, observe, and offer alternative perceptions to these systems that we have created but also succumb to. Her process based works include various methodssuch as hoarding, interventions within common daily activities, or inviting others for collaborations. As she takes on different roles such as the facilitator or the performer, the process often results in a collection of knowledge and experience that make up site-specific and time-based works. Adebäck works and exhibits internationally, runs the residency program Weekend Residency together with the Swedish designer Pontus Johansson, and has since 2009 collaborated with the Turkish artist Merve Ertufan.

Physical exploration

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