Wednesday 20 March 2024

Dance in Stockholm


Norrköping är co-organises a workshop where Sami and Mexican indigenous music, dance and philosophy meet. It takes place at Höjden in Stockholm March 28-31. The workshop is lead by Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio. Together dancers and musicians will investigate the overlaps between Sami and Mexican cultures and ontologies and use these to create new musical and dance expressions.

Ricardo Rubio is a Mexican choreographer, poet, and performance artist. He is founder and current director of INTERflamenca as well as El Dia D. Both are based in Santiago de Queretaro. His personal approach to creations can be found in dialogues between diverse disciplines like poetry, ethnography, performance and electronic media. He uses these to research the purpose of ancient rituals in Latin America and traditional dances in the contemporary world. He is interested in body expressions of movement which dialogue with electronic media: visual art-multimedia and sound art-electronic music.

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