Monday 4 February 2019

Baroque Stockholm


The Baroque Architecture and Submission team join forces again to perform at Dansens Hus, Small Stage March 1 at 3pm ( Free Entrance)
Baroque Architecture and Submission is a performance that investigates spaces: imaginary and real, in the body and in architecture. In it two dancers move slowly. They move from tableau to tableau and we do not know if they are afflicted by inhumane apathy, dumbstruck by a pleasure avalanche or blissfully following a heavenly light in their souls.
In the performance members of the audience are invited to be an active part of the processual images that make up the performance. The audience creates, shape and experience the rooms and the tableaux. They become part of the work by acting as extras, sculptures, props and viewers – so that the boundaries between performers, audience and architecture become blurred.


Baroque Architecture and Submission is created by Carima Neusser in collaboration with dancers: Laura Oriol and Adriano Wilfert Jensen. Host(ess): Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro; Architect Isabella Pasqualini; Space attribute: Sofia Romberg; Music: Siri Jennefelt,  Dungeon Acid (and PURCELL, Aphex Twin); Stylist: Lisa Pyk; Hair and make- up: Amina Neusser and Light design: Anton Andersson.

The project is funded by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grant Committee and Stockholm City Council

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